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英语读书笔记 篇一

I also know a truth:people must toward their own ends forward along the way forward,through thick and hard,and finally achieve the ideal harbour.

Every goal is to must pay the hard work,does not fear the difficulty,with a kind heart,and companion,help each other,unity and friendship,you think good day will come.In this book,dorothy and her friends in order to achieve the wish,does not fear the difficulty,help each other,down the enemy,friends have to achieve their wishes,dorothy in the southern end of the good witch green help,also returned to his hometown in Texas,ended the long journey.

I later in life and learning to dorothy learning difficulties in life,and to find ways to solve it.In the study does not understand more,ask the teacher asked the students to more abundant,knowledge.

英语读书笔记 篇二

Last night, I read a moving short story named A Boy Buys God.

Bondi’s parents died in his early age and he is raised by his uncle. But one day, his uncle falls down from scaffold and God want to take his life away. Bondi heard that God is an amazing thing that can save the life of his uncle. Therefore, he goes out with one dollar to buy God. But he doesn’t buy one until the 29th shop’s door opened. It’s an elderly man who is willing to help him after Bondi telling his story. Several days later, Bondi’s uncle gets great treatment by the most outstanding doctors in the world and finally he totally recovery. In the end, he knows what saves his life—love. It’s Bondi’s pure love to him that saves his love. On the other side, it’s his love to Bondi that saves himself. Therefore, we can say that love is mutual and rewarded.

英语读书笔记 篇三

Sense and Sensibility was the first Jane Austen published. Though she initially called it Elinor and Marianne, Austen jettisoned both the title and the epistolary mode in which it was originally written, but kept the essential theme: the necessity of finding a workable middle ground between passion and reason. The story revolves around the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne. Whereas the former is a sensible,, rational creature, her younger sister is wildly romantic--a characteristic that offers Austen plenty of scope for both satire and compassion. Commenting on Edward Ferrars, a potential suitor for Elinor's hand, Marianne admits that while she "loves him tenderly," she finds him disappointing as a possible lover for her sister.

This article is from internet, only for studying!

英语读书笔记 篇四

Shakspere (wrong spelling) created Hamlet--a man with wisdom and courage 。In order to revenge on his uncle for killing his father he pretented (spelling mistake) to be mad and suffered a series of misery. On the contrary we can also say that Hamlet is rude and selfish for he did not think twice before his revenge 。

if (Capitalize "If" since it is the beginning word of the sentence.) a country has no king how can a country keep alive (You need a question mark here since it is a question.) So every thing has two sides the bright side and adumbral side.

Every time we make a decision we have to think twice. Comment:Be careful with your spelling grammar and punctuation. Too many uncessary mistakes. It is good that you looked at both the dark and bright sides of Hamlet. Thats quite objective and convincing.

英语读书笔记 篇五

The Red and the Black is a profound and witty book about the rise of a poor, handsome and intellectually gifted, young provincial into the salons of High Society in Paris.

Handsome and ambitious, Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble peasant origins and make something of his life-by adopting the code of hypocrisy by which his society operates. Julien ultimately commits a crime-out of passion, principle, or insanity-that will bring about his downfall. The Red and the Black is a lively, satirical picture of French Restoration society after Waterloo, riddled with corruption, greed, and ennui. The complex, sympathetic portrayal of Julien, the cold exploiter whose Machiavellian campaign is undercut by his own emotions, makes him Stendhals most brilliant and human creation-and one of the greatest characters in European literature.

I really enjoyed this book. Unlike many reviewers, I feel the book does transcend time. American people and culture today, computers and all, are a lot like those in Stendhals 19th century France.

The main characters strike me as real, and quite complex. Julien is a typical adolescent/ young adult: Idealistic, searching and unsure of himself. To me, it is amazing to what how the world interacts with and alters his self-image. Mathilde is equally interesting. She reminds me of a flighty alternative girl, looking for a dream of simmering romance. And MME de Renal is a wonderful, believable woman, falling in love late in life, victim of the missing husband syndrome.

Like people today, Stedhals characters are a bundle of contradictions. Is Julien a villain, an angel, a self-serving climber or a man truly in love, searching for his higher self? Aloof or loveable? Is MME de Renal a devout, moral patroness, devoted to her family, or the vilest of adulators, ready to turn her back on duty for the simmer of love? Is Mathilde submissive, or arrogant and dominant? The answer to all questions is yes. We are all divided.

Be honest with yourself for a minute. Arent people sometimes cruel, and sometimes kind; Sometimes, honest, sometimes mildly deceitful, telling white lies, and sometimes bold-faced liars? Since Stendhal is faithful to this, and does not give us character in black and white, he has produced a masterpiece.

英语读书笔记 篇六

Reading Note

Since I go to school, I start to form the habit of noting what I have read. I found it is

very helpful for me, because I get bad memory, I will forget what I have learned in the

class soon, so my teacher asks me write down what I get.

Now, after class, I will open the note, go over what I have learned.



英语读书笔记 篇七

The book I read this week entittled the Red and the Black, which is undoubtedly among the best liturature works. As a person who haven’t had much knowledge in literature, any comments on this work seem to be rather naive and even sort of reckless. But this is the only book I have access to recently. With much deliberation, I would like to write down following words.

The book mainly tells a story about a man named Julien, who came from a carpenter’s family and got a shrewd father and two elder brothers characterized by huge size and rudeness. Though he wasn’t quite athletic, he got talent with his memory. He could recite the whole contents of the Bible, which made him admired by people around him and win him a job as a family teacher. And this is the part where our story begins.

Under his gorgeous face, there exists a relentless lust for fortune, power and status, all of which derive from his persuit of happiness, dignity and freedom and finally contributed to his downfall. He worshiped Nepolen the most, and he is willing to die a thousand times to win his success. He desires for love, yet sometimes he used it as a tool to obtain his status and power. However, he had never given up showing his sympathy for the poor and contempt to the Noble.

His pureness blended together with ambition and felt self-abased and conceited at the same time. As a young man, he ignored what’s really important for him—being loved. And he just realized this until death was around the corner. The story is a tragedy, for he hasn’t got what he wanted in the end and he sacrificed too much for his

contemporary fame and fortune. At the last few hours of his life, those happy times he spent with his loved ones gave him courage to face death penalty with calm 。 when he realized that he didn’t have to tolerate the world filled with fakeness or put a mask on his face, he died with ease. Julien stands for the group of people coming from the low class in the society and hope to achieve success with their own efforts.

These people usually don’t have the necessary conditions to become successful, but they will by no means stop trying or let God tells them what their lives should be like, instead, they are willing to sacrifice anything to realize their dreams and earn their dignity. For these people, no matter what the consequences their struggle may be, I should forever pay my tribute to them. To some extent, they are the makers of the world.

英语原著读书笔记 篇八

Tom is the hero of the story naive, lively and playful but the typical American teenager. He and Wild Child Shack, the dry out a lot of wonderful things a spectacle of himself. Tom ordered to paint the walls, like, actually applied the trick, not only the work of other children willing to replace him, but also automatically served Xie. Later and fled to a desert island to the Shack, people thought they were drowned, is the church for their funeral, and they are hiding in the church"s bell tower on the eavesdropping. These naughty moves, although we do not give a model, but he for justice, decided to come forward to testify in person, to rescue the innocent criminals Mo Fu Bide. And naughty while, actually, and Shack cracked a murder case, as everyone admires the little hero. It appears that Tom is also worthy of our study.

In fact, the naughty child sometimes be demonstrated by the child"s innocence. After a childhood that innocence is difficult Cheng Hao, allow us to find, only a little occasional sweet memories will remember. I believe that, even if your childhood again hard, in retrospect you will be very happy. A child who has not done a half pieces of stupid? The more you grow, the more you will find these stupid fun. Childhood is like a jar of wine I said, after a lapse of longer taste more fragrant, more pure, more people aftertaste.

Always grow, in addition to height taller, ber an outside body, people"s thoughts are long. Your view of the world is different, wiser, no longer naive. But who is to get better and better. Do not like the Adventures of that was in the ruthless villain Zhuo Yi, he did do bad things, cute hate. But in the end he comes around, get a starved to death in the cave end.

英语读书笔记 篇九

I was so touched by the book "charlotte's web", and several times I dropped tears of emotion. The book is about a pig Wilbur who was about to become a delicacy. In the barn he knew the spider charlotte, who had not slept for two days and two nights in order to rescue it, because it had to "write" the words on the Internet. Then Wilbur was saved and famous. Charlotte was dead tired! In the second spring, Wilbur remembered charlotte, a spider who had helped him before. You must shed tears when it comes to this! I believe this story must make you deeply moved! Yeah! The story of spider charlotte and Wilbur, the pig, makes millions of people cry.

英语读书笔记 篇十

"Little peas in the window" reads 200 words.

I finished reading the little peas in the window, and I felt a great deal about it. He was a bad boy in the eyes of most parents and teachers. The teachers hated her and thought she was noisy and disobedient. However, when it came to the park, everything was different. The headmaster was not as strict as the other teachers.

It seemed like an incredible thing to do in the tram, but the headmaster did it, and he didn't get impatient when he talked for more than four hours. When he saw the small doudou cesspit of things into a hill, he didn't lose his temper, not scold her not obedient, just light said 1: "remember back after finish."

Who doesn't like such a school?






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